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I'm Justine- herbalist, educator, entrepreneur, collaborator, dog mom & sacred lifestyle advocate!


I live in Westport, MA - the traditional lands of the Native American Wampanoag tribe. I acknowledge this to honor their historical and cultural significance, promote truth and reconciliation, raise awareness, affirm Indigenous rights and sovereignty, and demonstrate my commitment to respectful and inclusive relationships with Indigenous communities.


Guided by a deep devotion to personal and collective wellness, I founded Healer's Harvest in 2021 with a mission rooted in health empowerment, community building, and a profound connection to nature. 


Through Healer's Harvest, I launched The Herbalist's Collaborative, an innovative online program that empowers herbal students to transition seamlessly into skilled community herbalists. By fostering a supportive environment for herbalists to refine their clinical skills and deepen their connection with medicinal plants, we cultivate a thriving community dedicated to holistic healing and professional development.

I extend my passion for herbalism and community building by co-hosting Gather: A Northeastern Herbal Conference. This immersive event debuted in 2024 and serves as a gathering place for herbalists, wildcrafters, and plant lovers from all over the region to share their knowledge, skills, and passion for the natural world. 

From my own desire to continue my studies and in order to provide high level training for herbal students, I developed the Advanced Herbal Series in 2024. 

I am dedicated to inspiring people to embrace their authenticity, nurture their connection with nature, and unlock their full potential for health and vibrant living.


  • Herb Pharm Herbaculture Internship

  • Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, The Family Herbalist

  • Herbal Academy of New England, Advanced 

  • Farmacy Herbs level 1 & 2

  • Thyme Herbals Advanced Apprenticeship

  • URI Master Gardener Program

  • Earth Centered Entrepreneur

  • Holistic Orchard Intensive

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