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Energetics For Herbalists

"The true herbalist is not just trained by others who heeded the same calling but is instructed by the wisdom of the natural world, a student of the plants themselves." -Sajah Popham

How it works...

Discover the art of energetics-based herbal medicine with our comprehensive Energetics for Herbalists course. This course will guide you through the fundamental principles of energetics and is suitable for beginners as well as anyone interested in furthering their studies. 

Work at your own pace.

Work at your own pace and enjoy access to our online forum.


Meet Justine


Hi! I'm Justine, founder of Healers Harvest and I warmly invite you to join our community! 

I am honored to welcome these highly respected and inspirational teachers in the industry to share their wisdom with us!


I believe deeply in the power of community. In our Energetics For Herbalists online course, you'll not only gain knowledge and skills, you will also connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for herbalism. 


Together, we'll create a space where we can grow, bloom, and form lasting connections with a supportive community. I am here to support you, always feel free to reach out. 

With love,


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