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Herbal Energetics Mini-Course

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This course introduces the foundational energetic qualities of herbalism: temperature, moisture, and tone. In Ayurveda, the universe is composed of five fundamental elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. These elements are the building blocks of the universe and are integral to understanding the nature of all things, including the human body and medicinal plants. The energetic qualities describe the five elements. Temperature: Hot/warming and cold/cooling. Moisture: Damp/moistening and dry/drying. Tone: Relaxing, contracting, or stimulating effects on tissues via the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Herbal energetics involves recognizing these patterns in plants and people to help restore balance. Practicing herbal energetics makes us more attuned to our bodies and the natural world, fostering a deeper connection to nature and spirituality. This mini-course will explore each energetic quality in detail. By the end, you will: 🌸 Understand the energetic qualities of herbs. 🌸 Identify herbs based on their energetic properties. 🌸 Apply these principles to enhance your herbal practice.



Hi! I'm Justine, founder of Healers Harvest.


Herbalism is so much more than supporting people with herbs, it is a lifestyle that honors and cherishes the wisdom of the land and the intelligence of our “Creator”, as Native Americans beautifully refer to it.


One of the things that I love most about herbalism is the way that it is accessible, generally very safe and fosters connection to land and nature. Herbal energetics embodies accessibility and intuitive connection to life itself. 

Energetics For Herbalists provides a comprehensive understanding of energetic herbal medicine, from its historical roots to its modern applications. It is also a primer for The Herbalists Collaborative where we put our energetic skills to practice and nurture our connection with plants, our community and ourselves. 

I warmly welcome you to join this community of vibrant healers! I am dedicated to your growth and will be available to support you throughout your studies. Feel free to connect with me at Justine

With love,


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