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Whether you are a seasoned holistic practitioner or just starting on your herbal path, there is a place for you in our community.

In a Lavender Field

Energetics For Herbalists

This online program is for anyone interested in learning about herbalism! You will learn the foundations of an energetics based practice of herbal medicine. 

It is also a primer for The Herbalists Collaborative, perfect for those of you wondering if you have enough experience to join!

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Three Women

The Herbalists Collaborative

This intermediate-level program serves as a bridge between herbal studies and a career as a community herbalist. Through interactive sessions, we deepen our connection with plants and our community. We refine our practitioner skills with herbal energetics and case studies. The Herbalists Collaborative provides a supportive peer environment and learning opportunities with industry leaders.

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Online Class

Herbal Interactive Workshops

Continue your education with industry leaders! These individual live and interactive workshops provide a unique opportunity to learn from renowned guest teachers like Mary Blue and Kat Maier! They are held monthly via Zoom and each session features a 15-minute Q&A, giving you the opportunity to connect personally with our greater community. Enjoy the option to attend individual workshops or sign up for the complete series at a discounted rate.

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Upcoming Events


Connect with Nature and Community

At Healer’s Harvest, we believe that nature & community are foundational for spiritual, emotional & physical wellbeing. Our mission is to encourage healing through meaningful connection with self, nature & community


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“Our indigenous herbalists say to pay attention when plants come to you; they’re bringing you something you need to learn.” 

-Robin Wall Kimmerer

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Tamar H.

"The Herbalists Collaborative has been a wonderful, enriching program. As an herbal educator & practitioner, I have thoroughly enjoyed the practice of herbal energetics, deepened my client formulation strategies & developed friendships & ongoing support in health & wellness education. It is an authentic model for holistic herbal health care training."


Aleksa K.

The Herbalists Collaborative has been a very welcoming & enriching space to build my clinical herbal practice. It was totally the missing piece in my herbal education & I'm so glad that Mary Blue told me about it! Justine gives so much of herself to make sure we are all getting the most out of each meeting. It's the right balance of laidback, informative & collaborative. Learning a lot from these folks!

Kathryn H.

The Herbalists Collaborative is a space to collaborate and share with others in a way that enhances our understanding of consultations. It is such a wonderful offering as it supports growing herbalists to build confidence, and develop their practices. It provides support for folks who want to continue to be in a learning environment while applying their herbal skills.

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