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The Herbalists Collaborative

Oct 3, 2024 - Apr 24, 2025

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"The true herbalist is not just trained by others who heeded the same calling but is instructed by the wisdom of the natural world, a student of the plants themselves." -Sajah Popham Are you looking to join a vibrant online community of like-minded herbalists who will support your studies, offer feedback on your herbal career path, and inspire you to dig deeper? Look no further than The Herbalists Collaborative, an intermediate-level program designed to bridge the gap between your herbal studies and your future as a skilled community herbalist. The Herbalists Collaborative provides a supportive peer environment where life long connections are made, fostering a network of like-minded individuals passionate about herbalism. Through interactive sessions, we deepen our connection with plants and community and refine our practitioner skills. We also attend monthly advanced lectures lead by renowned herbalists. We meet via Zoom every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. EST for from October 3rd, 2024 - March 27th, 2025. Monthly Format: Week 1: The first Thursday of the month is dedicated to our plant journeying meditation Week 2: The second Thursday is our herbal consultations and case studies explored from an energetic perspective Week 3: The third Thursday of the month we will study the six tissue states Week 4: The fourth Thursday is our Herbal Interactive Workshops with renowned herbalists like Kat Maier, Nancy Phillips, and Helen Ward. If there is a fifth Thursday we will take the day off. Required reading: Energetic Herbalism: A Guide to Sacred Plant Traditions Integrating Elements of Vitalism, Ayurveda, and Chinese Medicine by Kat Maier When you join, you'll receive access to our private online group where you can connect with members, download our group content and access the Zoom links for our weekly meetings. Enroll now to create your account and join our community! ​


  • Plant Journey Meditation
  • Plant Journaling

  • Case Study

  • Tissue States

  • Advanced Herbal Series

  • Plant Journey Meditation
  • Plant Journaling

  • Case Study

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The Herbalists Collaborative

Private 1 Member

Hi! I'm Justine, founder of Healers Harvest.


Herbalism is so much more than supporting people with herbs, it is a lifestyle that honors and cherishes the wisdom of the land and the intelligence of our “Creator”, as Native Americans beautifully refer to it.


One of the things that I love most about herbalism is the way that it is accessible, generally very safe and fosters connection to land and nature. Herbal energetics embodies accessibility and intuitive connection to life itself. 

Energetics For Herbalists provides a comprehensive understanding of energetic herbal medicine, from its historical roots to its modern applications. It is also a primer for The Herbalists Collaborative where we put our energetic skills to practice and nurture our connection with plants, our community and ourselves. 

I warmly welcome you to join this community of vibrant healers! I am dedicated to your growth and will be available to support you throughout your studies. Feel free to connect with me at Justine

With love,


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