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"The true herbalist is not just trained by others who heeded the same calling but is instructed by the wisdom of the natural world, a student of the plants themselves." -Sajah Popham

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Empowering Herbalists With Community, Plant Energetics & Career Development

We gather weekly to nurture our community, deepen our connection with plants & develop our practitioner skills and businesses, all while healing and nourishing our souls.

Our next season starts fall 2024

Monthly Case Studies

Monthly Business Development Workspace

Monthly Plant Journeying Meditations

Private Online Community of Healers

Certification: 12 Hours of Practitioner Skills Development

Consent, Disclosure & Intake Forms

Protocol & Follow Up Forms

How it works...

The Herbalist’s Collaborative is a group of healers who meet weekly, on Wednesdays at 10am (EST) for six months via Zoom. It is an intermediate level interactive program that bridges the gap between a students herbal studies and their career as a skilled community herbalist. Together we deepen our connection with plants through plant journeying meditations and herbal energetics. We develop our herbal practitioner skills by practicing herbal consultations and case studies. The Herbalist’s Collaborative is a peer supported environment where life long connections are made, community is nurtured and we get to learn from guest teachers, the leaders of our industry.

When you join, you'll receive access to our private online group where you can connect with members, download our group content and access the Zoom links for our weekly meetings.

Required reading: Energetic Herbalism: A Guide to Sacred Plant Traditions Integrating Elements of Vitalism, Ayurveda, and Chinese Medicine by Kat Maier


The Collaborative meets for six months via Zoom on Wednesdays at 10am eastern time to:

  • develop our herbal consultation skills through an energetics based curriculum and case studies

  • connect with plants through meditation, plant journeying and Materia medica studies

  • develop and create strategies for the success of our small businesses 

  • connect ​with each other to build a strong collaborative community

We meet weekly on Wednesdays...

Week 1: Medicinal Plant Journey Meditation: 1 hour

The first Wednesday of every month is dedicated to deepening our connection with the plants in our Materia Medica. We begin with a plant meditation journey where we use our senses, intuition and direct perception to intimately explore the plant that we are working with that month. Through this practice we are learning about plants through an intuitive and energetic lens, strengthening our sense of taste and familiarizing ourselves with the physiological effects of the five flavors. We will also use this time to explore the six tissues states. We will work with the same plant throughout the month in order to significantly strengthen our knowledge of our herbal allies. We journal, meditate, make medicine, create illustrations and anything else that inspires us to connect with the plant. 

Members must attend all six Medicinal Plant Meditations to receive their certificate of completion. 

Week 2: Case Studies with Kat Maier: 1 hour

I am beyond honored and excited to announce that Kat Maier will lead our Case Studies for our next six month course. She is a renowned clinical herbalist, author of Energetic Herbalism and founder of Sacred Plant Traditions a center for herbal studies in Charlottesville, Virginia. Kat has over 30 years of clinical experience, has trained many clinical herbalists and is a founding member of Botanica Mobile Clinic, a nonprofit dedicated to providing accessible herbal medicine to local communities. She will walk us through creating SOAP notes and providing an energetics based herbal consultation. 


Members are encouraged to start offering herbal consultations to friends, family or existing clients with a goal of working with a minimum of one client per month. Each month a student will be selected to present a clients case to the group. Kat will walk us through the case study and share her extensive knowledge on herbal energetics to help us develop energetics based protocols for our clients.

Members must attend all six Case Studies to receive their certificate of completion. 

Week 3: Business Development Workspace: 1-2 Hours (optional)

The Collaborative gathers on the third Wednesday of the month for our Business Development Workspace where we discuss, create and bring our visions to life. This includes developing our offerings, brand identity, marketing strategies and anything else we need support with as we navigate running our small businesses.

Week 4: Community Gathering:  1 Hour (optional)

The fourth Wednesday of the month is reserved for a casual tea time where we go over questions, get support where needed and connect on a personal level. It is a cherished opportunity for our community to gather and grow!

The Collaborative will provide you with...

  • a space where we come together in devotion to our relationships with nature & community. 

  • an empowering & supportive community, friendships & a diverse referral network of healers.

  • structure, accountability & support as you develop your skills & gain clinical hours necessary to become a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild.

  • an energetics based herbal practice and practices to deepen your relationship with and understanding of nature, plants and healing.

  • connection, support & strategy in regards to business development.

Meeting Dates: Wednesdays at 10am EST

November 2023

1st: Burdock Root / Dry / Atrophy
8th: Business Development Workspace
15th: Case Study with Kat
22nd: Community Gathering

January 2024

3rd: White Pine / Cold / Depression
10th: Case Study with Kat
17th: Business Development Workspace
24th: Community Gathering

March 2024

6th: Agrimony / Wind / Constriction
13th: Case Study with Kat
20th: Business Development Workspace
27th: Community Gathering

December 2023

6th: Hawthorn Berry / Heat / Excitation
13th: Case Study with Kat
20th: Business Development Workspace
27th: Community Gathering

February 2024

7th: Prickly Ash / Damp / Relaxation
14th: Case Study with Kat
21st: Business Development Workspace
Community Gathering

April 2024

3rd: Chickweed / Damp / Stagnation
10th: Case Study with Kat
17th: Business Development Workspace
Community Gathering


Meet Justine

Founder & Facilitator

Hi! I'm Justine, founder of Healer's Harvest & facilitator of The Herbalist's Collaborative.

I welcome you to join me in The Herbalist's Collaborative as we connect deeply with plants, ourselves & one another through an energetics based practice of herbal medicine. This is the next step on your path toward a career in herbalism & is a place to put the herbal skills you have learned thus far into practice.
For years on my herbal path, I was constantly seeking the next teacher, the next course, the next book, thinking that eventually I would feel ready, prepared & qualified to practice herbalism. I developed the The Herbalist's Collaborative because it is everything I was looking for after receiving my first certificate in herbalism, many moons ago. It is where you will develop your unique offerings & gain the experience necessary to move forward on your herbal path with confidence & with a supportive community of healers. It is a space where we let go of limiting beliefs that hold you back from sharing your gifts with the world.

I am committed to your growth & will be available for you throughout the program. As group facilitator, my intention & goal is to create a safe, supportive & growth oriented space where you will have the opportunity to develop your offerings into the most authentic & fulfilling expression of yourself. I am simply here holding space & supporting you as you grow & bloom.

With love,


Aleksa Kaye

Hale & Hart

"The Herbalist's Collaborative has been a very welcoming & enriching space to build my clinical herbal practice. It was totally the missing piece in my herbal education & I'm so glad that Mary Blue told me about it! Justine gives so much of herself to make sure we are all getting the most out of each meeting. It's the right balance of laidback, informative & collaborative. Learning a lot from these folks!"

Kathryn Holmberg

Wild Way Botanicals

The Herbalist’s Collaborative is a space to collaborate and share with others in a way that enhances our understanding of consultations. It is such a wonderful offering as it supports growing herbalists to build confidence, and develop their practices. It provides support for folks who want to continue to be in a learning environment while applying their herbal skills."

Tamar Helfen

Tamar's Garden

"The Herbalist's Collaborative has been a wonderful, enriching program. As an herbal educator & practitioner, I have thoroughly enjoyed the practice of herbal energetics, deepened my client formulation strategies & developed friendships & ongoing support in health & wellness education. It is an authentic model for holistic herbal health care training."

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